Past Activities 

A Ram demonstration against the wall

More than 500 Israeli demonstrators joined today (Saturday 13.12.03) two thousand Palestinians at A-Ram, just north of Jerusalem, in order to protest against the monstrous Wall that's going to be built there. The action was organized by Gush Shalom, Ta'ayush and Yesh Gvul, and was the biggest joined Israeli-Palestinian demonstration for a long time. A-Ram municipality and schoolchildren built a high wall of Polistiren foam on the path of the planned Wall.

During the action, the demonstrators covered the wall with protest graffiti, and at its height they destroyed it, trampling on the debris. The 60 thousand inhabitants of A-Ram are about to be cut off from Jerusalem. The Wall will run in the the middle of the Jerusalem-Ramallah highway, from A-Ram checkpoint to Kalandia checkpoint, cutting the road into two separate ones - so that it will be impossible for A-Ram residents to cross the road to reach their schools on the other side or get to their hospitals, universities, workplaces and businesses, or even their cemetery.

"As we have broken the mock wall just now, so, when peace comes, we shall break the real wall if it is built," said Uri Avnery of Gush Shalom. "The Berlin wall looked as if it would stand forever, but one day, quite suddenly, the German people derstroyed it. The stones were sold as souvenirs to tourists - and the same will happen here!"

Catherin Rotenberg of Ta'ayush said: "This wall is going to create a regime that will be worse than the apartheid regime in South Africa." The mayor of A-Ram, Sirkhan Saleimeh, welcomed the Israeli demonstrators and thanked them warmly. "We call on all Israelis to struggle against the wall and for peace!" he called.