Past Activities 

Olive picking in Hirbat Jabara

In the framework of the "Olive Picking Coalition", Gush Shalom activists took part (together with activists of Ta'ayush, the Women's Coalition and the Committee against House Demolitions in a massive action of picking the olives of Hirbet Jabara village. 360 activists came in seven buses and privare cars from all over the country. The work went on at a heat of 31 degrees.

Hirbet Jabara is one of the villages imprisoned between the Green Line and the Separation Fence and its inhabitants cannot move without special permits that are dependent on the arbitrary whim of the occupation.

They are also required to obtain permits for just staying on their ancestral village.

The villagers dare no pick olives near the Sal'it settlement.

Like the villagers in dozens of other places, they are forbidden to approach the settlement, even to tend their own groves.