Past Activities 

Human shields at the Mukat'a

Last Saturday, 04/09/03, immediately after the suicide-bombing in Haifa, the Gush went into action to organize an Israeli human shield for the Mukata'ah, in view of the strong suspicion that Sharon would exploit the terrible atrocity as a pretext to kill Yasser Arafat.

Eight activists, mostly Gush members, went within the hour to Ramallah. There they met about 30 "internationals"' who came for the same purpose. The Israeli activists were warmly received by Arafat, Abu Ala and other personalities.

They stayed in the compound for three days and nights, including Yom Kippur, until the swearing-in of the Abu Ala government.

Considering that the imminent danger has passed - for the time being - they left the compound.