Past Activities 

Demonstration against barghouti trial


20 Gush Shalom activists demonstrated today Monday, July 14, in the Tel-Aviv courtroom against the trial of Marwan Barghouti, the chief of the Fatah organization on the Wrest Bank. At the beginning of the session,

the activists hoisted posters saying "Barghouti - don't imprison him, talk peace with him!" They were immediately attacked by a large number of guards who tore the posters and evicted the demonstrators violently.


The well-known historian Teddy Katz was injured and sent to hospital, were one of his toenails was removed.

"Barghouti played a big role in achieving the present Hudna (cease-fire), and is very much needed to help Abu-Maazen in keeping it," said Gush spokesman Adam Keller.

"His trial is undermining the Hudna and sabotaging the peace process."