War Crimes 

Actions against war crimes

Gush Shalom Press release

Gush Shalom has sent a letter of warning to Brigadier-General Israel ziv, commander of the Gaza Division :

"we are collecting material on your actions, which may be a breach of International law, violation of human rights, or even war crimes. these actions were registered and might be used, in the future, in an Israeli or International war crimes tribunal." specifically, the letter relates to the demolition of some 20 Palestinian houses in the Gaza band, on the night of February 18, 2002. this act, might constitute a grave violation of the 4th. Geneva convention, to which the state of Israel is a signatory, and which forbids the demolition of civilian property, as well as collective punishment.

The letter states that: "This is not the first time in which Palestinian civilian homes are demolished under your orders, and you continue with these actions, even after the the great negative impression the last demolition in Rafah, one month ago, had on public and world opinion. This time, you did not even attempt to claim, that the houses were inhabited. The families received an order to leave their homes, which were designated for demolition.

Luckily, the forces under your command demolished "only" 5 houses, before a high court order forced them to stop, but this does not diminish the severity of your actions.