War Crimes 

Wrong Direction

Supporting Gush Shalom against war crimes. A letter from Doug Willbanks

Meir Shetreet Minister of Justice,

I have been informed of your actions designed to bring charges against Gush Shalom. This making laws instead of bringing justice to law breakers is not your job, at least in our country. (USA).

I have been involved in the peace movement in this country for a while now. I cant understand why you don't, yourself, warn your fellow countryman of the laws they are presently breaking as we speak. .

People in the USA are finding out more and more of the abuse of the Israeli soldier toward the Palestinians as you continue to rob them of their land. As the truth comes out, Gush Shalom appears the hero. The aggressive settler and his governmental encouragers are being seen as the real trouble makers and terrorists..

Join with Gush Shalom and someday they will praise you instead of prosecuting you.

Yours truly,

Doug Willbanks

USA.. .