War Crimes 

Supporting Gush Shalom against war crimes

A letter of support and encouragement from Pax Christi, Germany

Dear all, I am attaching a letter of support and encouragement, that might convey some impression your work has been creating in Germany. On behalf of Pax Christi, Germany, Middle East Committee

Dirk Biestmann-KOtte

Pax Christi, German Section, Middle East Committee

Steinstr. 10

51429 Bergisch Gladbach


Dear all,

on behalf of the Middle East Committee of Pax Christi, Germany, I am writing this letter to you to let you know that we are with you, even more: We want you to know that we totally agree with your recent actions. To us, it is a brilliant idea to confront those who destroy and kill seemingly for the taste of it and who consider themselves in the right position to be fishing for compliments for it, with the impact of their actions. We are appalled, even though not really surprised, about those in charge of governing the country who do their best to denounce you as traitors and liars (? maybe even ?cockroaches in a bottle?), who need to be silenced and legally punished. If this is democracy, it is, as Edward Said puts it, ?a democracy without conscience?. To many people in Germany who struggle for acceptance of what you call ?the other Israel? and who feel obliged to defend the concept of peace and justice for all, rather than peace only for one side, it is rather encouraging and inspiring to know that the vision and the embodiment of a suchlike different Israel can be found with Gush Shalom.

We feel it as being our obligation to, in Germany, speak in favour of you and to make your voice, as being the voice of a different Israel, heard and your activities known. The inclusive vision of a Jewish-Palestinian peace which is based on justice and reconciliation, a vision which is spread by people as you, is currently, in the midst of the governance of Ariel Sharon, going through a major crisis. What else could we do but to send you all our loving support and appreciation! As said above, we are with you! And we want you to refer to us as friends.

Let us work hard together for a just peace for Jews and Palestinians, and for a better future, one which is not in victory and surrender, in occupation, dislocation, and atrocity, but, as Marc Ellis puts it, in the ?creation of a new identity for Jews and Palestinians in Israel/Palestine that will carry aspects of each people?s past and elements of joint experiences forged in blood, struggle and solidarity?.

On behalf of the whole committee

Lots of love

Dirk Biestmann-Kotte