War Crimes 

Supporting Gush Shalom against war crimes

A letter from MP Svend Robinson

I am writing to express my support for the efforts of Gush Shalom to warn Israeli military officers that their actions in perpetuating the military occupation of territories seized in 1967 may in some instances comprise war crimes, for which they could one day be held legally responsible. Extra-judicial killings, house demolitions, arbitrary detention, prevention of ambulances, and the bombing of civilian apartments are all examples of war crimes under international law, and unfortunately, have all occured, with alarming frequency, in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

I support the courage of Gush Shalom in speaking out against these atrocities. Far from being " treasonous, " the issuance of such warnings is in fact the patriotic duty of all citizens in a democracy who wish to protect the honour of their nation. Any government attempt to silence the cautionary voice of Gush Shalom or its supporters would therefore be both undemocratic and dishonourable, and perhaps even illegal.

It is my hope that you will heed the advice of Gush Shalom and put an immediate end to any activities which could expose Israeli forces to charges of war crimes. A simple means of facilitating this, while simultaneously securing peace for Israel, would be to end the illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Svend Robinson, MP

Burnaby-Douglas, Canada