War Crimes 

The Madness

Supporting Gush Shalom against war crimes. A letter from Jerry Greenberg

I am amazed when I see the loud proclamations by the madman, Sharon about how he is the only democracy in Middle East.. And then I see articles that have somehow penetrated the American stooge media that show this .democracy. ruthlessly silencing opposition everywhere. They're hardly a democracy if they have to stay in power by silencing their opposition. I salute Gush Shalom for its brave stand against the ongoing terror being perpetrated by the madman. I pray that in the near future the Israeli people will come to their senses remove the madman, substituting a real democratic regime instead, a regime that will withdraw to their lawful borders and consequently open a real hope for lasting peace in the area. I realize that at this time, as an American, the ball is, as it were, in my court. The lobby controlled by the madman has shamelessly intruded itself into domestic politics and we have to do all we can to counter its sinister influence. We shall prevail against the madman and against the unelected idiot in Washington who is trying to start a unilateral war against Iraq. The unelected idiot has started to backpedal, despite the loud noises made by his evil triumvirate of war lords, Ashcroft, Chaney and Rumsfeld.

May god smile on us and save the world from the war.