War Crimes 

Letters of Warning to the IDF

Supporting Gush Shalom against war crimes. A letter from Shirley Hirsch

Dear Mr. David Landau, Editor

We were stunned by your article attacking Gush Shalom for their letters to the IDF officers and soldiers who may be liable to arrest in other countries for war crimes committed under orders. For years we have told our correspondents all over the world to subscribe to your paper which with Gush Shalom tries to give a picture our actions in the Occupied Territories. Why don't you demand that the attorney general investigate violations of international law instead of joining the witch hunt against those who monitor them. Let us see more reports from Amira Hass and Gideon Levy since we ordinary citizens are not allowed into the territories.


Shirley and Herschell Benyamin Nofim Towers, 2 Henrietta Szold

St. Jerusalem 96784