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Demonstration - save Susya from destruction!

Save Susya – Israelis and Palestinians demonstrate jointly to save threatened West Bank village. Friday, July 24, 2015, South Hebron Hills

The Palestinian village of Susya in the South Hebron hills is under imminent threat of demolition. Join the residents of the village in saying no to demolitions.

Please register here for transportation from: Tel Aviv, 11:30am from Arlozorov Street Railway Station (estimated return 5.30pm) Jerusalem, 12:00pm from Liberty Bell Park (estimated return 5pm)

On May 5, 2015, the Supreme Court in Jerusalem refused to issue an interim order, blocking demolition of the village of Susiya pending the hearing of the villagers’ appeal which is scheduled for Aug. 3. Thus, the court gave the army a free hand to carry out, at its convenience, the destruction of Susiya and expulsion of its residents, numbering some 340 men, women and children. Thereupon, on Sunday, July 12 representatives of the Military Government came to Susya and informed the residents that they intend to carry out demolition of nearly half of the buildings in the village, even before the August 3 court hearing.

Both the European Union and the US State Department have called upon the Netanyahu Government not to implement the planned destruction of Susya. So far, however, government officials made clear that the bulldozers are still on their way.

Your presence at the demonstration is vital!

Listen to Nasser Nawaj'ah resident of Sussia and leader of the struggle urging us to support their effort:

Background on the struggle for Susya:

Additional information on Facebook:

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  1. Volunteer as part of the constant presence in the village should demolitions occur. This is first and foremost to be with the people of Susya in case of demolition, and also to document it. Shifts are from the evening until the mid morning. This is the single most important thing you can do.

Sign up here

2. Run down to Susya on short notice if necessary. We want to know who has a car, and whether they want to receive notifications by sms, whatsapp, etc. Sign up here

  1. Join us at the Supreme Court on August 3rd for Susya’s hearing.
  2. Share and post about Susya on social media using the hashtag #SaveSusiya

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5. Friends abroad: contact your elected officials and ours! * If you are in the USA, contact your congressperson here *Sign an urgent letter to Secretary of State of John Kerry here * Contact your local Israeli embassy. Please look here for a listing of them. Please, let’s not let this happen again!

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Contact: Sahar M. Vardi +972-(0)54-5683419