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Stop the war! Protest demonstration – Saturday Aug. 23, 20.00, Habima Square, Tel Aviv

Update Aug. 22

We must go on crying out. We must continue opposing the assault on Gaza and demanding the end of the siege. Only in that way can both peoples attain a secure life.

The brutal war in Gaza is a result of the dead end into which the Netanyahu government led us, in its systematic avoidance of a just political solution for the two peoples.

Netanyahu chooses for a war of attrition and a continuation of the cruel siege imposed on the Palestinian people – a policy with no vision, nothing to offer, carried out at the expense of both peoples.

On Saturday we will call for an immediate end to the fighting, an end to the war and the bloodshed. Come one, come all - Saturday Aug. 23, 20.00, Habima Square, Tel Aviv.

On the spot there will be demonstration stewards. Please follow their instructions regarding the conduct of the demonstration and its dispersion.

Contact: Maayan Dak, Coalition of Women for Peace 0508-575729

Update Aug. 15

The "Change Direction - No To The Way Of War" rally - forbidden a week ago - is after all to take place Saturday Aug. 16, at 8pm Rabin Square Tel Aviv

Transportation: Be'er Sheba Merakaz Ha'Morim near the University - 18.00 Contact: Immanuel 054-6480024 Jerusalem: Gan Ha'Paamon 18.15, Binyaney Ha'umma 18.30 Contact: Neta 054-4792073 Haifa Migdal Hanevi'im, Hadar (Al Middan Theatre) 17.45 Contact: Eyal 054-7843210 ---original message---


Change direction – move towards peace!

The next round of fighting can be prevented.

No to the way of wars - we must have a political solution!

Mass rally – originally scheduled for Saturday, August 9, 2014, now taking place on August 16 - at 8.00 pm, Rabin Square, Tel Aviv.

On Saturday, Israel’s Peace Camp will rally at the Rabin Square.

After an agonizing month of war and death, in face of mounting waves of incitement and hatred which increasingly tear up the Israeli society, we stand up to demonstrate for peace and for democracy.

The next round of fighting can be prevented. It is far from inevitable that we continue the descent into an abyss of ever more cruel wars, of extreme hatred and the destruction of our neighbors and of ourselves.

There is another way: an immediate dialogue with the Palestinians – for a fair peace and for the reconstruction and opening of Gaza; a determined joint stand of Jews and Arabs against racism; a struggle for a future of Life.

Only a political solution of two states, Israel and Palestine side by side, will ensure independence, justice, security and hope for all who live in this land.

On Saturday night we will stand together – Jews and Arabs, residents of the South and of the whole country. Together we will call for an end to the cycle of bloodshed. The next war can and must be prevented, Israeli society should be healed.

Mass rally – Saturday, August 16, 2014, at 8.00 pm, Rabin Square,

Organizations sponsoring this rally include: Meretz, Hadash, Peace Now, Combatants for Peace, Gush Shalom, Peace NGOs Forum, Young Labor in Tel Aviv and many others.

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Earlier update (Aug. 9):

Police prohibits the holding of the anti-war rally scheduled to take place tonight at Rabin Square, allegedly because of rocket fire from Gaza. There are good reasons to suspect the police’s true motives, but lawyers have advised that the Supreme Court may reject a petition filed on the issue. Accordingly organizers felt compelled to decide on canceling. Statement by organizers - in the end.

Statement on behalf of the organizing committee: In light of the expected participation by many thousands in the peace rally scheduled for tonight (Aug. 9, 2014), the police announced it would not allow it to be held, due to the Home Front Command prohibition on the gathering of over a thousand people at open spaces in Tel Aviv.

The organizing committee therefore, decided that the rally must be postponed until the earliest date when it would be possible to hold it. The wide response to our call proves that a large part of the Israeli society supports a change in direction, opposes the way of wars and demands an end to the cycle of bloodshed through a real dialogue with the Palestinians, in order to reach a peace agreement that would ensure independence and justice for both peoples.

There is a large number of Jewish and Arab citizens who are prepared to stand together against the waves of racism and incitement and for democracy. We will continue to make this voice heard in every possible way.

We regret that the police and military authorities prove ineffective in protecting the freedom of expression in Israel, in particular the democratic right to demonstrate and protest. This is a badge of shame for Israeli democracy.