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A bucket of cold water

Like a bucket of cold water poured on the head of a drunk, so the EU's decision reminded the power drunk government of Israeli of the reality in which we live" says Gush Shalom, the Israeli Peace Bloc. "From now on, should the government seek to sign agreements and maintain relations with the EU and its member countries, it will have to note officially that the agreement does not apply to the settlements nor to East Jerusalem.

Already for forty-six years, the State of Israel is maintaining by force of arms an occupation of the West Bank, amounting to more than seventy percent of the Israel’s total history - yet nobody regards these territories as part of Israel (nor are they such under Israel’s own laws). For forty-six years, successive governments are grabbing Palestinian land and constructing settlements on it, devoting an enormous part of the country’s resources to this enterprise – yet nobody in the world accepts these accomplished facts. For forty-six years, the State of Israel claims East Jerusalem as part of its capital city - and nobody in the world recognizes it as such (and Israel itself treats the inhabitants of East Jerusalem as an occupied population).

The EU has started to confront the government of Israel – and every citizen of Israel - with a road sign that cannot be ignored. One path leads to peace with our Palestinian neighbors and the Arab countries, and to enjoying international esteem and sympathy. The other path - to war and more war, to being an international pariah. The time to choose between these two paths is running out”.

Contact: Adam Keller