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Stop the war against Iran - DEMONSTRATION

Bibi and Barak now inform us that they intend to launch an attack in the fall. The military leadership is opposed to it, civilians will be killed, the Iranian nuclear program will not be stopped, and a political solution will be even further away from achievement. We must not sit back and let this happen!

Today, Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012 at 6:30 pm, we will gather in front of the Defense Ministry (Kaplan Street, Tel Aviv) to hold the Demonstration of the Shrouds.

Parallel demonstrations will be held in Haifa (7.00 at Merkaz HaCarmel), Jerusalem (6:00 in front of the Prime Minister's residence) as well as at Hiroshima (!), where an international conference of anti-nuclear groups is being held.

This time we must get out of our homes!

Pease bring white or light-coloured sheets.

From the Defence Minstry we will go to join the daily demonstration at Barak's home (Ibn Gabirol St., corner of Shaul Hamelech Balvd.) at 8:00 pm.

A protest vigil takes place at that location every weekday at this hour, already for the second week.

Netanyahu and Barak are leading the people of Israel and the peoples of the entire region to a war whose hazards and severity might prove utterly unprecedented.

Netanyahu and Barak break all records of political and military adventurism, placing Israeli citizens, Jews and Arabs alike, at risk of destruction.

The danger is indeed terrible – but it is far from inevitable. It is essential -and still possible - to avert this war. At this crucial time we call upon opposition parties, political figures, intellectuals, academics and journalists, movements and groupings in the Israeli society, and even upon the sane elements within the political and military establishment, to act together against the preparations to war. All should act to create a broad mobilization of public action against the war.

We call on all people of good will, in the region and throughout the world, to raise a strong voice of opposition to this war. Mass protests should be initiated in order to mobilize public opinion and governments worldwide against the war that Netanyahu and Barak are planning to wage on Iran.

It is not aggression or horrifying wars of annihilation that would ensure the future of the peoples of the region, including the citizens of Israel. Quite the opposite, our secure future depends on a comprehensive and stable peace in the Middle East, whose core would be an Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Contact: Sharon Dolev +972-(0)52-8480543 Uri Weltman +972-(0)52-8330046

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