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Unity statement - followed by the Kathleen Wells interview with Uri Avnery (audio)

Following the reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas Uri Avnery, a former Knesset Member, made this statement:

"I wholeheartedly welcome the agreement reached by the Palestinians in Cairo. Palestinian unity, overcoming the malignant split, are not a threat to Israel, but a top Israeli interest. The State of Israel can and must reach a peace agreement with the entire Palestinian people, with all its factions, through a Palestinian Unity Government which represents them all. "

Avnery added that "Prime Minister Netanyahu responded with the predictable futile refusal and rejection, and proved that his government has no solution and no way forward. The State of Israel destroyed the previous Palestinian Unity Government, resulting in a lot of bloodshed of Israelis and Palestinians alike. A serious error which must not be repeated. The State of Israel should support and encourage Palestinian unity, and contribute its share by opening the 'Safe Passage' between Gaza and the West Bank - as Israel undertook to do in the Oslo Agreement but never implemented. "

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