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Stop the eviction in Sheikh Jarrah!

The Shamshana family in Sheikh Jarrah facing imminent eviction from their home - vigil tomorrow Fri. August 11‎

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are currently facing new evictions The Shamshana family may be evacuated from their home this Friday The protest vigil will take place this week in solidarity with the family The residents call on anyone who opposes the evacuation to join the renewed struggle We call upon all who care about justice and human rights: your presence is very important

Tomorrow, Friday August 11 we will hold a vigil in support of their struggle.

The vigil will start at 4:00 PM We will meet at the Sheikh Jarrah Garden, on the new sidewalk, Nablus Road and Dahlmann St. We will finish next to the Shamansa house.


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Friday, 4/8, 4PM SHeikh Jarrah Park, Nablus Road

The Shamasneh Family is being forcibly evicted from their home for the growth of the Jewish settlement in Sheikh Jarrah. On August 9th, their eviction order will come into effect and they will be at imminent threat of losing their home. If they are evicted,this will be the first eviction in the neighbourhood in 8 years, and another step in the displacement of Palestinians from the neighbourhood and expansion of the settlement.

Join us to protest this eviction and stand in solidarity with the family and neighbourhood.