Press Releases 

I will not give up!

Knesset Member Ofer Kassif:

Nothing justifies crimes and massacres as committed in the south of Israel!

But the writing was on the wall as I warned for long: We will all pay a heavy price for the crimes of the occupation, the siege on Gaza and the arrogance of the Kahanist government.

There is no military solution, only a political one - the end of the occupation and Palestinian independence! For the future of all of people - No to war, yes to a just peace! No to violence, yes to equality!

"We've been at the shelter for over 4 hours. Fear doesn't begin to describe the feeling. We heard them land right next to the house and then attacked the house, banging on the windows and doors and shooting in the yard. They entered many houses, moving from house to house. The regional council mayor was killed. Crazy. Crazy. I've never been as scared as I am now."

The above was written to me on Saturday by an old and beloved friend, shortly before she and her husband were murdered in their home in one of the kibbutzim near Gaza along with.

From the beginning of the massacre in the south I came out against the heinous crime, but despite this I continue to receive threats and insults and accusations as if I was responsible for it and not the government of atrocities. Why?

Because I refuse to go with the mobs of instigators who seek revenge and not a solution, bloodshed and not security, humiliation and not peace. These bloodthirsty people are driven mad by my pain for all those who were killed, whoever they were or might still be, and not only for the Jewish ones. It is my insistence on a political solution of ending the occupation, reaching a peace that will end the violence , which drives them crazy.

I will not give up! I will continue to raise my voice and fight for the liberation of the Palestinian people from their enslavement, an enslavement which is not only a terrible injustice but is also killing us all.

One more thing. My friend who was murdered was a proud leftist, a supporter of my Hadash Party. I knew many of those who were massacred and murdered, they were my companions and fellow activists.

How often did I get nasty and threatening messages such as : “May you and your fellows be killed by your Arab friends!” So you got your wish, vile hypocrites!