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Emergency demonstrations tonight (Thursday) across Israel: the settler government is setting the country on fire!*

Emergency demonstrations tonight (Thursday June 22, 2023) across Israel: the settler government is setting the country on fire!*

📍Tel Aviv 18:00 - Kaplan Street corner of Vinci

📍 Jerusalem 19:00 - Old Mashbir Square

📍 Haifa 18:30 - Paris Square

Following the pogroms, the attacks and the violence of the last few days: organizing for emergency demonstrations this evening, Thursday June 22 Almost twenty Israelis and Palestinians have been killed in violence in recent days. The fire and violence spread throughout the country, and the government of settler arsonists is spreading the conflagration.

The killing of four settlers was follwed by a settler pogrom - killing a Palestinian, torching dozens of homes and cars and a village cut off from electricity.

Where were you, police and army, in Turumus Aya?! Hundreds of rioters - and zero arrested! The same police which violently dispersed a peace anti-Netanyahu protest at Caesarea was nowhere to be seen during the settler rampage and pogron in Turumus Aya.

The deranged Bibi-Smotrich-Ben Gabir government is egging on the settler rioters and incites against the protesters on the strret of Israeli cities.

We are stronger than the cycle of violence and discrimination - we all deserve to live in safety in this country!*

To commemorate all the dead, all the victims of occupation and galloping cycle of bloodshed:

This Saturday night we will carry lighted candles when arriving at the protests agaisnt the government's so-called "judical reforms", on Tel Aviv's Kaplan Street and elsewhere in the country.