against the wall

The Separation Wall is not about security
Animated presentation about the wall (2003)
No separation
No security
Just land grab

Map of the Separation wall (2003) in occupied East Jerusalem (PDF FIle)
The wall in Qualqiliya
The map shows the dramatic case of Qalqiliya, which will become a huge prison • More...

A Wall in their Heart / Meron Rappaport
Yedioth Aharonoth
On February 6, 2001, Ariel Sharon was elected prime minister. "That same night I got a call from Sharon's people asking me to meet him as son as possible,"says Prof. Arnon Sofer, "and they asked... • More...

The Bigger Picture
Israel's "Separation Wall" - separating Palestinians from their land... • More...

The people of Mas'ha protest against the wall

Separation Wall Brochure (2003) and CD: Ordering information
Mail Order Information • More...

The World Bank: The Separation Fence Will Hurt Palestinians Immensely / Arnon Regular
The Fence Crosses Agricultural Roads and Pathways and Cuts Off Residents from their Water Resources, Schools, Businesses and Public Services • More...