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The Bigger Picture

Israel's "Separation Wall" - separating Palestinians from their land...

The Separation Wall's map

The Separation Wall's map

The Israeli government claims the Separation Wall is "Just about security. Is this really the case?

What political agendas are served by the Separation Wall?

Click for facts about these security claims.


All you want to know about the Separation Wall


The Gush Shalom brochure on the wall.

12 pages, fits in a regular envelope.

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"A Wall in their Heart"


An elaborate article on the wall, published in "Yediot Aharonot", Israel's largest paper.

"..."This is not oriental fantasy. "The Palestinians' fears are not unfounded," says Uzi Dayan, "but their fears are no greater than the fears of the residents of Tzur Yigal."..." (From the article)


A World Bank report:


The Separation Fence Will Hurt Palestinians Immensely. An article on the World Bank report. published in "Ha'aretz" 18/05/03

"The Bigger Picture" and some of the photos in the photo gallery - were contributed by IWPS International women's Peace Service.


This map shows the dramatic case of Qalqiliya, which will become a huge prison.


the wall will encompass Qalqiliya completely, leaving one opening guarded by two checkpoints. the city, once a flourishing centre of commerce, will suffocate and die. More Facts and figures

All in all, the wall is expected to have a devastating impact on the lives of some 210,000 Palestinians, living in 67 towns or villages. 11,700 people in 13 villages will be imprisoned between the wall and the green line.

At the demand of the Israeli settlers, the wall is planned to move far further to the east, to include the settlements of Ariel, Emanuel and Kedumim. This will increase dramatically the number of Palestinians who will be affected by the wall.


Source of map - B'tselem

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