against the wall 

The people of Mas'ha protest against the wall

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Photo Gallery of Mas'ha. Updated on 27/07/03

The Mas'ha Campaign

Mas'ha is a small village, of 32 extended families, located 7 Km east to the green line, on what was the road to Nablous. (Palestinians are now prohibited from using main roads, and are generally confined to using narrow roads or dirt roads

The village is about to lose 97% of it's land to the wall!.


On february 2003, the people of Mas'ha were notified that the "Separation Wall", is planned to be erected adjacent to their village, cutting it off from nearly all their olive groves, which are their only means of income.

This meant suffocation of the village. They will all need to leave and seek their livlihood elsewhere.


This would be another case of quiet ethnic cleansing.

As usual, Israel hands out such messages just before actual work starts, so the inhabitants don't have enough time to legally fight the decision. After a short period of shock and despair, the people of Mas'ha decided to fight back with whatever poor means they have. phisycal resistance was out of the question, because Israel would simply crush the village.

The people of Mas'ha decided to put up a protest tent on their land, in which they will stay 24 hours a day.

They invited peace activists from abroad and from Israel to join them in the tent.


In addition, they decided to comppile some boards with information about the village, the wall and the plans to quietly evict them from their land, so that mass media can spread the word in the world. within a few days, the people of Mas'ha have put up the tent. It is now a small center of gravitiy for supporters and media. we hope to copy this form of civil resistance, to many other villages who face the same danger and fate.

If you feel moved to help the people of Mas'ha and those who support them, your help would be most appreciated.


What do we need?

Most important is simply to come and be with us for a while.


You can come for a few hours or some days, you can come alone or with a group.

contact those who are in the tent now , to convey your support.

Alert media or political bodies with whom you are connected

Donate money. We need a generator, a water container, blankets etc.

whatever way the campaign for Mas'ha ends, the equipment will move on to the next village