against the wall 

The wall in Qualqiliya

The map shows the dramatic case of Qalqiliya, which will become a huge prison

the wall will encompass Qualqiliya completely, leaving one opening guarded by two checkpoints.

the city, once a flourishing centre of commerce, will suffocate and die.

The wall around Qualqiliya, phase 1

The wall around Qualqiliya, phase 1

All in all, the wall is expected to have a devastating impact on the lives of some 210,000 Palestinians, living in 67 towns or villages. 11,700 people in 13 villages will be imprisoned between the wall and the green line.

At the demand of the Israeli settlers, the wall is planned to move far further to the east, to include the settlements of Ariel, Emanuel and Kedumim. This will increase dramatically the number of Palestinians who will be affected by the wall.|

Source of map: B'tselem