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Separation Wall Brochure (2003) and CD: Ordering information

Mail Order Information

If you wish to receive a CD with all files necessary to print your own brochure, Please send a check for 10 US $ to the address below.

The CD contains files in FreeHand format for MAC.

Please note:

It is suggested you download the PDF file first, and consult your printer as to the feasability of printing your own copies. It usually is worth while from 2,000 copieas and up.

If you live overseas and only want one brochure, then, please, send us 2 US $ in cash or equivalent in your own currency and include a self- addresses airmail envelope (the elongated type).

The price of each copy (up to 9), is 1.1 US $ + 8 $ banking fee and shipment. From 10 copies and up. the price is 1.0 $ + 8 $ banking fee and shipment. For orders of 50 US $ and up, there is no need to add 8 $ for shipment. Please send a check in your own currency (or cash wrapped well in an extra piece of paper) with your order to:

Gush Shalom

P.O.Box 3322

Tel-Aviv 61033


Attached files:
Click here for a PDF file of the brochure
PDF file, 4.00 MB