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Peace seekers don't sing on "Jerusalem Day"

Gush Shalom calls upon singer Achinoam Nini (“Noa”), to cancel her scheduled performance during the events of "Jerusalem Day".

In a letter delivered to Nini’s office, Gush Shalom stated: "The Jerusalem Municipality billed the event where you are to appear under the title ‘Jerusalem will mark 46 years since her liberation and unification’. This is the same municipality which is a major apparatus of oppression against the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem, to whom the main municipal services are bulldozers to demolish their homes. Jerusalem was neither liberated nor united. 46 years ago, an occupation rule was established over two hundred thousand Palestinians in East Jerusalem. The so-called Jerusalem Day is primarily a holiday for the settlers and their friends, dancing provocatively with flags in the Old City of Jerusalem, chanting abuse at the Arab residents, and often moving from chanting into actual violence. What has a singer who is identified with the Israeli peace camp to do with such a day of celebrating conquest and occupation? "

Gush Shalom mentioned that a year ago, Noa took part in an Alternative Memorial Day ceremony, singing before a joint gathering of bereaved Israeli and Palestinian families. "At that time you have faced very credibly an outpouring of hatred from the extreme right. You them you wrote that the moving ceremony in which Israelis and Palestinians stood together 'was marked by unity, understanding, empathy and especially peace. All bereaved families came there to choose for life over death. I suggest we all calm down and start thinking how we can break the cycle of callousnes and hatred’. So you wrote a year ago – and what has changed since? Why are you this year singing at a ceremony of callousness? When the day comes of the signing of peace between the independent State of Israel and the independent State of Palestine, and Jerusalem becomes a true city of peace and the capital of two states - that would be the true Jerusalem Day, a time which will be worthy for you to sing and celebrate. "

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