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Root of the conflict,1948; the resolution - 1967

"The only possible way to peace is through a historic compromise in which Israel would give up the territories occupied in 1967 and in return the Palestinians would give up their claim to the territories lost in 1948" says Gush Shalom spokesperson Adam Keller, in response to the Prime Minister's speech in the Knesset, 16th of May. "It will not be easy for the Palestinians to swallow such a compromise, which requires of them to give up a big part of what they see as their historic homeland. For such a compromise to materialize, Israel must fulfill its part: ending the occupation in all of the West Bank, not only in a part, a little bit here a little bit there, not giving them just crumbs, surrounding and strangling them in enclaves. "

Keller added: "Whoever does not want to pay the price required, will not be able to reach a compromise which is essential to our future in this country. Netanyahu and his government are trying to cut off large chunks from the occupied territories, build settlements at high speed, not willing to a freeze of even three hours; demanding to continue the occupation of the Jordan Valley which is one third of the West Bank; hold on to 'united Jerusalem' were just now the Israeli police killed a Palestinian young man who dared to protest the invasion of his neighborhood by settlers. In this way the Israeli government blocks all the roads to peace and compromise, and by its own doing increases Israel's isolated position in the world, and build up the international pressure towards September. "

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