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Ending the freeze means confrontation with whole world

The decision whether or not to continue the freeze on settlement construction is not a momentary, tactical decision. It is a strategic decision with implications for the State of Israel's very future. Continued creation of "facts on the ground", the ongoing takeover of Palestinian lands simultaneously with supposedly negotiating the fate of the same lands, will rightly be regarded by the whole world as a clear and unequivocal statement of intent. Settlement construction on the ground will be regarded as a clear indication that everything said at the table is an empty patter and lip service. After seventeen years of peace processes and numerous conferences and summits, the occupation continues and settlements have enormously grown and expanded. Anyone wanting a serious, genuine peace process would not continue the unliteral creation of facts.

Continuation of settlements and occupation is not only a closing the gate to any chance of peace with the Palestinians and the Arab World, a perpetuation of the conflict, the hatred and the bloodshed. It is also a conscious decision by Israel to embark on a head-on collision with the entire world. If happened that President Obama's call at the UN to continue the settlement freeze was voiced on the same day that the report on the Gaza Flotilla killings was published - a report that the government of Israel was quick to condemn, reject and ask the United States for help in preventing its adoption. Also at exactly the same time, The International Nuclear Energy Commission voted down the Arab demand for Israel's nuclear disarmament - a vote that might have gone completely differently had the U.S. not used all its power and influence.

The State of Israel is almost totally dependent on the United States. This dependence will continue for as long as the State of Israel remains isolated and cut off from the region where it is located. It was Binyhmin Netanyahu, who coined the phrase "If you give, you will get. If not, not". This is equally true also for Netanyahu himself and for the State of Israel under his government. A country which is in daily need of help from the United States can not afford to provoke its one remaining international friend left to her, for the sake of the settler leaders and their extreme right friends inside and outside the Likud Party. The great majority of Israeli citizens care nothing for settlement construction. Israel's citizens will welcome a decision to continue the freeze, embark on serious negotiations and prevent a head-on collision with the entire world.

Contact: Adam Keller, Gush Shalom Spokesperson 054-2340749