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Hollow Victory

The "Rachel Corrie" affair will figure prominently in tonight's Tel Aviv peace march

The boat takeover is a hollow victory

Protesters will call for an end to the Gaza siege and the 43-year old occupation

"As we complete preparations for the peace march and rally to be held this evening in Tel Aviv, we followed the drama at sea, hoping against hope that our courageous and determined friends from Ireland would be the ones to sail through. But the Netanyahu-Barak-Lieberman government would not miss the opportunity for the most hollow of victories. The real reason for not allowing the boat through to Gaza is not security, but the demonstration of Israeli power, which is a manifestation of weakness.

In the midst of a noisy campaign of praise for the naval commandos who "fought like lions" our deep respect goes to the small group of peace activists on board the "Rachel Corrie", who went on sailing, unarmed and undaunted, and who now find themselves in captivity for the crime of sailing aid to the people of Gaza" says Adam Keller, spokesperson for Gush Shalom, one of the groups organizing this evening's Tel Aviv march. "The story of this ship, and the demand for an international inquiry into the killings, will have a prominent part at the demonstration."

The march will leave tonight, Saturday June 5, at 19:00 from the Rabin Square (corner of Frishman) and culminate with a rally at the Museum Plaza on 20:00. This is intended as a mass demonstration protesting the Netanyahu-Barak-Lieberman Government's dangerous escalation of regional violence, as well as marking 43 years of occupation. The main slogan would be "The Government is drowning all of us – we must strive for peace." The rally's manifesto read: "It's time to return to sanity and save our society from ruin. Without a solution of two states for two peoples and two capitals in Jerusalem, the whole region's future is in doubt."

The organizations co-sponsoring the demonstration include Gush Shalom, the Hadash Communists, Combatants for Peace, Meretz, Physicians for Human Rights, Peace Now and Banki.

Contact: Adam Keller 03-5565804 or 054-2340749, Yoni 054-7276587