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June 1, 2010

What happened yesterday is a crime. A crime against the State of Israel.

A band of foolhardy, irresponsible and power-drunk persons decided on an action that was bound to result in people being killed and injured.

No sensible person in Israel or abroad will buy the collection of lies and pretexts with which those responsible are trying to justify themselves. The more so since no one of the victims has been allowed to speak.

Not only was this operation immoral, but it is also turning against us the last of our sympathizers in the world and adding strength to those who call for a boycott on Israel.

There is only one way to limit the damage:

-- TO CALL for the immediate appointment of an international board of inquiry to investigate the event.

-- TO LIFT at once the immoral and illegal blockade against the million and a half inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.

-- TO IMPLEMENT the proposed prisoner exchange and free Gilad Shalit.

Huge damage has been done. We must try to repair it as best as possible.


(Large special ad published in Hebrew in Haaretz today, June 1)