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Horrified, ashamed, bewildered

We are horrified, ashamed, bewildered, as we face more of Netanyahu, and this time, Netanyahu unleashed. The saga of his fight for personal survival, at the expense of others, with all means legitimate, will be studied in the future. But here we all are, about to pay a terrible price for allowing our country to slide to this place.

Tomorrow (Thur. April 11) the Alliance for Middle East peace, a coalition of 100 peace groups, will meet here in Jerusalem. What we will say to each other must lay new track, as we carry on. Although perhaps first we will mourn together this loss of a chance for change in Israel.

It's not about Bibi. It's about the million people who support him. Gantz was not the solution, but he offered the possibility of a shift, a re-shuffling of the cards. Things might have taken a fresh turn, and maybe, with the election behind him, he would have revealed a determination to pursue peace. Maybe his decent Israeliness would have come to bear. We won't know, for now.

So here we are, turning our attention back to the power of working cooperatively among the people of our NGO's and initiatives, hopefully to have an impact on what lies before us.

Yoav Peck is co-director of the Sulha Peace Project, bringing Palestinians and Israelis together for people-to-people solidarity

Yoav Peck