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Verdict expected in the trial of poet Dareen Tatour - for the crime of publishing a poem on the internet

After two years and a half in which the poet Dareen Tatour was held in prison and under house arrest for the "crime" of writing a poem and publishing it on the Internet, the verdict in her trial is to be announced.

The verdict announcement session will be held tomorrow, Thursday May 3rd, at 11:00, in the Nazareth Magistrate's Court.

If convicted, the time she spent in house arrest will not be offset from the sentence (!!!); Dareen may be sent to prison for a prolonged period of time.

Our presence in court is our way of supporting Dareen in these critical days for her when she fights for her freedom and to send a clear message to the prosecution and judges against political persecution and the repression of freedom of speech, protest and art.

We are organizing to travel to Nazareth together (please contact us if you have available places):

From Haifa: Yoav Bar 054-4790989 From Tel Aviv: Alma Katz 054-4330288