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Jews and Arabs stand together in Wadi Ara

Tuesday, December 12 at 16:00 (4 PM) at the Um el Fahem intersection

There are members of the governing elite who prefer not to notice, but Wadi Ara comprises shared lives, good neighbors and mutual solidarity even through difficult times. This country is full of Jews and Arabs who want to live together in mutual respect and full equality, and who are ready to hit the streets in protest against those who threaten these aspirations.

We are up against people, such as Minister Avigdor Lieberman, whose way is diametrically opposed to our way: incitement against Arab citizens, "transfer" programs, and now a call to boycott Wadi Ara in its entirety. They want us to hate each other, to fight each other. But they know that if we stand together they will not have any chance of success, and this frightens them. So this is our answer: we will continue to stand in solidarity - Arabs and Jews - and in the end we shall prevail.

The "Omdim BeYahad" (Standing Together) and "Shechenim Shel Shalom" (Neighbors of Peace) movements invite all to a shared Arab-Jewish protest demonstration in order to make it clear that we shall not keep silent in the face of racism and violence and we continue to demand a sharing, egalitarian society.

Tuesday, December 12, at 16:00 (4 PM) at the Um el Fahem intersection

Transportation provided in private cars from Haifa, Tel Aviv and throughout the Triangle (MeShulash) and the Sharon. Please post on the Facebook Event Board if you need a ride.

"Omdim BeYahad" (Standing Together)

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