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Marching against the Sheikh Jarrah evictions

The Shamasna family was evicted from their home in Sheikh Jarrah. Now more than ever, we all need to be there!

After eight years on which no family was evicted in Sheikh Jarrah, this week a whole family was evicted and the house emptied. Police forces watched over the settlers entering the house before the family's eyes.

This eviction could led to a new wave of evictions of dozens of families in the neighborhood. We must be there to prevent this!

Join us in resisting the uprooting of this family from her home, the judaization of the Palestinian neighborhood and the discriminatory laws that permit the ‘return’ of Jews and Jews only to their pre-48 houses.

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This Friday, 8.9, we will march together from the old Mashbir to the house of the Shamasna family in Shekh Jarrah at 2.30 pm. Come to be heard and raise your voice against this injustice that is about to happen if we don’t stop it ourselves Transportation from Tel Aviv: 13:00 at Levinsky Park (organized by the Women's Coalition for Peace). You need to register via sms/whatsapp to Shahaf 0544443041