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Protest the darkening of Gaza!

Protest the darkening of Gaza!

Protest vigils will continue as long as Gaza's electricity is cut off.

Today, Friday June 23 we will stand at the Yad Morderchai Junction, north of the Gaza border. The protest vigil will go on between 10.00 - 13.00. You can come for all three hours, or for one hour>

Contact: Erik Yellin, "The Other Voice" - +972-(0)54-4689001

Previous message: Millions of Gaza residents face an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. We must not stand idly by!

At the initiative of Zazim (“On the Move”), thousands of Israeli citizens signed a petition calling upon the government to avert the impending disaster and not to cut the supply of electricity to the Gaza Strip. Now we have decided to increase the pressure, so that our call will resonate with the decision makers in Israel and internationally.

This evening, Monday June 19, we will gather near the Gaza border to launch into the air 150 sky lanterns (paper lanterns with candles). They would illuminate the sky in solidarity with the residents of darkened Gaza.

We will meet today at 19:45 in the Big Fashion Ashdod parking lot, near the Ad Halom Junction, and from there we will proceed to the exact location for launching the sky lanterns.

For further questions please contact

Gil +972-(0)50-6995265, Raluca +972-(0)50-6314848

We look forward to seeing you!

Together we will light up the sky.

Gil, Zazim

Zazim/On the Move is an independent grassroots organization initiating campaigns and activities, so as to enable citizens to influence the public agenda.

B'Tselem Press Release - June 13, 2017

The PA’s wrongful actions towards Gaza residents does not mean Israel can shirk its responsibility for their fate

The Gaza Strip is in the throes of a humanitarian disaster. It is a crisis with severe, sometimes even fatal, consequences for the two million or so people living there. Without a regular power supply, all aspects of life are harmed; even the water and sewage systems are paralyzed, and untreated sewage flows straight into the Mediterranean. This reality is part of an Israeli policy, of the blockade Israel has imposed on Gaza for the past ten years, consigning its residents to living in abject poverty under practically inhuman conditions unparalleled in the modern world.

Despite this intolerable reality, the Israeli cabinet has decided to accept the Palestinian Authority’s cruel plan to further reduce the power supply to Gaza. Should the Israeli decision be implemented, the situation in Gaza will deteriorate even further, making the area virtually unlivable.

This is not some sort of natural disaster. Had that been the case, Israel would have likely sent in a humanitarian aid mission. Instead, the reality in Gaza is the result of Israel’s handiwork, achieved by its decade-long implementation of a brutal policy. Israel can, and must, change this reality.

For additional information: Amit Gilutz, +972-54-6841126, Our mailing address is B'Tselem, The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories P.O. Box 53132, Jerusalem 9153002