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Provocations: The Likud Party's elections campaign

The exclusion of KM Zoabi and construction in the settlements - provocative and demagogic actions, promoting Likud's election campaign at the expense of Israel's future

The campaign of settlement construction in East Jerusalem and the West Bank arouses worldwide anger, even among the Israel's best friends. The campaign of incitement and incitement against KM Hanin Zoabi undermines the delicate relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel. The purpose and motive in both cases is obvious - this is part of the Likud Party's elections campaign. Likud is struggling against the extreme right, tries to prove itself to be even more extreme. It is not clear if the electoral goal would materialize. There can be ut no doubt that great harm is caused to Israel.

One does not have to agree with all the positions and actions of KM Zoabi in order to protest and denounce the demagogic and racist campaign of racist incitement against her. She was accused of "taking part in violent acts" when sailing on the Turkish boat Navi Marmara, which in 2010 attempted to break through the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip It is not superfluous to mention that there is not even the slightest shred of evidence that she participated in any violent act, nor that she was present in a place where violence took place, nor knew of anybody's intention to use violence. He sole intention in participating in Gaza-bound Flotilla was to express opposition to the ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip, and there is no doubt that in this they acted according to the wishes and desires of the voters who sent her to the Knesset. In the Knesset there is a very extensive representation to staunch Jewish nationalists and also of Jewish chauvinism, then also Palestinian and Arab nationalists could and should be represented in the Knesset.

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