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No to "Admissions Committee Bill"

If the Knesset adopts the racist "Admissions Committee Bill" we will appeal to the Supreme Court. The nature of the bill is exposed in the appointment of a representative of the Jewish Agency to the Appeal Committee which is supposed to protect Arabs from discrimination. The cat is made responsible for guarding the cream.

The legal team of the Gush Shalom movement began to prepare a petition, to be submitted to the Supreme Court in case the Knesset enacts into law the "Admissions Committee Bill" and makes it legal in the he State of Israel for a community – established on lands granted by the government - to reject prospective tenants on grounds of their "unfitness with the community's social fabric". The purpose of this piece of legislation is manifestly clear: to provide a legal basis for the establishment of exclusively Jewish communal villages from which Arabs would be excluded, thus bypassing the court rulings prohibiting discrimination against Arabs. The bill is couched in smooth hypocritical wording, but its purpose is exposed in an article stating that a candidate rejected by an "admissions committee" may turn to an appeals committee including the representative of the Jewish Agency. The cat is made responsible for guarding the cream, the body whose declared aim is to promote the settlement of Jews and of Jews only is supposed to provide recourse to Arabs suffering from discrimination…

Contact: Adam Keller, Gush Shalom Spokesperson 054-2340749