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If Israel turns its back on the world, the world might reciprocate

If the state of Israel turns its back upon the international community, which after long deliberations adopted a reasonable cease-fire resolution, the world for its part might turn its back on Israel and make it a pariah state. There are reasonable doubts for suspecting that the government's refusal to accept a cease-fire derive, at least in part, from irrelevant political and electoral considerations having nothing to do with any real Israeli national interest.

The government, in its irresponsible refusal to accept the UN cease-fire resolution, condemns more people to die in vain – Israelis and Palestinians, civilians and soldiers – and many others, on both sides of the border, are condemned to a further period of unnecessary suffering, The government refuses to accept that it would not be able to break the Hamas, whose support among Palestinians might increase precisely due to the brutal Israeli attack.

Activists of Gush Shalom, who had protested against the war from its first day on, will tomorrow join tomorrow (Sat, Jan 10) at 730pm the demonstration organized by Peace Now outside the Defense Ministry in Tel-Aviv, under the slogan "End it Now!". The protest movement against the mad destructive war in Gaza is increasing, and eventually it will force the government to return to a sane course.

Contact: Adam Keller, Gush Shalom Spokesperson,