Press Releases 

41 Years - End The Occupation!

Protest March & Discussion Circles Saturday, June 7, Tel Aviv, 17:30 .

Last update: Adam Molner report in Haaretz

  • The march will start 17:30 at the corner of Allenby St. and Rothschild Blvd. and pass through the Rothschild and Ben Tzion Boulevards and thence into King George St.
  • Bicycle riders of "Critical Mass Against The Occupation" will depart Droyanov Park (Florentin) at 16:30, for a ride through the city, and then join the march.
  • At the end of the march, discussion circles will be held at the "Gan Meir" park, on the strategies of opposing the occupation, including such subjects as :
  • Linking to other social struggles
  • The situation in the Territories - Occupation or Apartheid?
  • The One State Solution vs. The Two States
  • Joint Jewish-Arab and Israeli-Palestinian struggle
  • Dismantling of the settlements - how do we see it done?
  • Position of the Israeli Left towards the international campaign to boycott Israel because of the occupation.

Contact: Adi Dagan, Adam Keller

List of Participating organizations and parties: Coalition of Women for Peace, Gush Shalom, Hadash, Balad, Machsom Watch, Student Coalition (Tel Aviv University), Bat Shalom, The Alternative Information Center, The Committee Against House Demolitions, Israeli Communist Youth Alliance, Combatants for Peace, Bat Tzafon, New Profile, Anarchists Against Fences, Democratic Women, Tarabut-Hithabrut, The Campus is Not Silent

41 years have passed since the conquest of the West Bank, of which East Jerusalem is a part, of the Gaza Strip and of the Golan Heights - and the occupation still goes on. Despite the nice-sounding declarations and the negotiations whose viability nobody believes in, the State of Israel continues to maintain and develop its cruel regime of oppression over the the Palestinians.

The settlements continue to grow, the road-blocks continue to choke the Palestinian economy and daily life, highways for the use of Israelis only are constructed, walls and fences divide the Territories into enclaves which are isolated from each other by settlements and barriers, the Separation Fence continues to rob the villagers’ land and water and cut deeper into the essential Palestinian living space.

The occupation continues also in the Gaza Strip, from which Israel supposedly disengaged. It continues via a harsh, cruel siege imposed through the blocking of all the Strip's borders - land, sea and air - by Israel directly and by Egypt at Israel's firm demand.

Without a permit from the government of Israel, which is hardly ever given, it is impossible to enter or leave the Strip, to import or export any product through its borders. The inhabitants of the Gaza Strip live in a huge prison, many of them at the very edge of starvation.

Also the occupier and oppressor is not himself free. Israeli society pays a heavy price for the continuation of the occupation and of the conflict with the Palestinians. The inhabitants of Sderot, Ashekelon, and the Gaza border region pay the price of the government's refusal to reach a cease-fire agreement.

We all the pay the price for the occupation's corrupting effect which makes the society we live in ever more violent, cruel and indifferent to the suffering of its Palestinian subjects as of the poor and weak among its own citizens.

We will not cease our struggle to put an end to all forms of direct and indirect occupation, in all the Territories, and to achieve a just and comprehensive peace.