Alerts and Reports

Unenthusiastic defense of boycott law by reluctant Knesset legal advisor - Saturday 20/01/12
Settler leader Katzover no longer pretends to support democracy - Saturday 13/01/12
State Attorney finds it difficult to defend "The Boycott Law" - Friday 05/01/12
The bill to silence the likes of us - Monday 13/11/11
Avnery: It is possible to move from a prisoner exchange agreement forward to a full peace agreement - Tuesday 17/10/11
Congratulations! - Thursday 12/10/11
Abu Mazen ready for historical peace - Netanyahu made sure America can't broker it - Friday 23/09/11
Heating up the political scene instead of dealing with social protest - Thursday 11/08/11
Gush Shalom to Supreme Court: Boycott Law is unconstitutional and anti-democratic - Tuesday 12/07/11
Mr. Minister, who are you calling a hooligan? - Wednesday 06/07/11
The "anti-boycott" bill is another attempt to gag the opposition - Tuesday 28/06/11
Marching through Tel Aviv for a Palestinian state - Sunday 05/06/11
Rachel - Tuesday 24/05/11
Root of the conflict,1948; the resolution - 1967 - Tuesday 17/05/11
Unity statement - followed by the Kathleen Wells interview with Uri Avnery (audio) - Wednesday 27/04/11
CEASEFIRE NOW - Sunday 10/04/11
A Pyrrhic Victory in the UN Security Council - Saturday 18/02/11
We are not loyal - to a government of racists! - Sunday 15/01/11
A demonstrator killed in Bil'in - the first victim of 2011 - Sunday 01/01/11
Attorney-General called upon to launch a criminal investigation of the extreme-right Lehava organization - Tuesday 13/12/10
The fire - Thursday 01/12/10
From Jerusalem to Safed – Racism is on the march! - Sunday 06/11/10
No to Racism! No to Fascism! - Sunday 16/10/10
"We will not be citizens of a fascist state purporting to be Israel" - Sunday 09/10/10
Peace sailors: the naval commandos used violence and electric shockers - Tuesday 27/09/10
Ending the freeze means confrontation with whole world - Saturday 24/09/10
High Court reprimands Interior Minister Ishai - Monday 06/09/10
Following Gush Shalom's appeal, Supreme Court opens way for Tirkel Committee to summon military personnel - Tuesday 13/07/10
“The IDF is not a state within the state” - Another Gush court victory - Monday 12/07/10
“Today they expel you, tomorrow they’ll expel us!” - Thursday 08/07/10