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The two-sided sword

We got the following from Rachel Leider in the Jewish American group IfNotNow.

What a week. The actual details of Trump’s 181-page plan for permanent occupation were horrific enough.

But then the so-called leaders of our community piled over themselves to endorse it. AIPAC, the American Jewish Committee, the Conference of Presidents, the ADL, and the Republican Jewish Coalition all plastered their social media with kind words for the racist document.

These groups are failing our community. They have chosen to align themselves with Trump and Israeli extremists. And their right-wing megadonors (who dictate their every move) will bankroll their strategy to move forward Trump’s plan to greenlight annexation.

We don’t have megadonors funding or shaping our movement. We have the strong Jewish moral tradition. We can fight back against Trump’s plan and show what Jewish leadership must look like in 2020!

The focus of most statements coming from the American Jewish establishment is not on the Israeli government, which is committed to formally annexing more of the West Bank.

No, the focus is on the Palestinians. They condemn the Palestinians for not being part of Kushner’s bogus process. They demand that the Palestinians accept defeat and take the scraps left to them by settler movement.

It’s disgusting.

And we must fight back against the two-sided sword emerging from this week’s events.

On one side, we have to fight impending annexation right now. Last night, our members from all over the country got on the phone to strategize together, and here’s what they are committed to doing in the coming weeks:

Make it clear that our generation denounces Trump’s plan and the unconditional support of Israel touted by the American Jewish establishment.

Show up at the doors of synagogues and other American Jewish institutions that we grew up in demand our leaders stand against annexation.

Show up at the offices of legislators who represent us and candidates who want to represent us demanding that they endorse a new vision for American political leadership that can hold the Israeli government accountable rather than giving them a blank check.

On the other side of that sword, we have to fight against the normalization of this deal in the coming months. In order to stop the political terrain from backsliding in time to the colonialism of 1900, here’s what we are committed to doing in the coming months:

Amplifying dissent to Trump’s plan from Israelis and Palestinians who are already living the consequences of this administration’s actions.

Holding our communal and political leaders accountable and organizing to get them to oppose Trump’s plan for permanent occupation.

Going even deeper into our campaigns to fundamentally change how the political establishment uses American Jews to justify American military funding to the occupation.

This past week leaves in its wake the possibility to define the region for decades to come.

Rachel Leider

IfNotNow Organizing Director