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Protest Trump inauguration - US Embassy, Tel Aviv, Sat, Jan. 21

In Washington, large protests expected at the Trump inauguration; also in Tel Aviv, an anti-Trump is due opposite the US embassy, on Sat. January 21

According to reports from the US, tens and hundreds of thousands of people are converging on Washington D.C. and the protests at Trump's Inauguration are expected to be among the largest in US history.

Also in many other countries around the world there will be demonstrations and protests by those who are unhappy with the new US President.

We in Israel already have good reasons to protest against Trump - the settler-firendly Ambassador that he intended to send us, the invitation extended to settler leasers to attend the inauguration, and the provocative plan to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Such issues give peace-seeking Israelis good reasons to stand in protest in front of the US Embassy (in its present location ...) at 71 Hayarkon Street in Tel Aviv at 8.00 pm on Saturday night, January 21.

There are also many reasons for Israelis to identify with the protesters in the Uniteds States, also on issues which do not directly relate to our situation in Israel. Trump could cause great damage not only the United States but to the entire world - and the more we resist him, the more we can reduce this damage.

Adam Keller +972-(0)54-2340749

Hundreds of thousands are due to demonstrate across the US on the day of Trump's inauguration, against the dangerous agenda of that racist and sexist tycoon. Protests are due also internationally at many countries.

Trump plans to escalate the assault on organized labor in the United States, to expel masses of migrants and asylum seekers, launch an Islamophobic incitement campaign, violate the right to abortion, to expand the use of polluting fuels and accelerate the nuclear arms race.

Through the appointment of right-wing settler supporter David Friedman to the position of US Ambassador to Israel, Trump gives a green light to deepening the occupation and expanding the settlements.

We in Israel will take part in the series of solidarity demonstrations planned for the same day around the world, in support of the American protests and in order to make clear that Trump’s policies will encounter firm opposition here, too.

The vigil will take place on Saturday, January 21, at 20:00, in front of the US Embassy - 71 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv. The

The protest was initiated by Ma’avak Socialisti (Socialist Struggle Movement) and joined by other groups, among them the Israeli branch of Pantsuit Nation, the American women’s organization which initiated the Washington protests.

Contact: Eyal +972-(0)54-3253296 / Yasha +972-(0)54-8184462

Note: This replaces a previous message about a demonstration on Fri. Jan. 20 – the change of date was made at the request of individuals and organizations who wanted to join the initiative.