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Petition: It is time for The Security Council to recognize a Palestinian state

To The Security Council members Greetings! We – Israeli and Palestinian citizens, and those of the rest of the world – call upon you to accept a resolution recognizing an autonomous Palestinian state within the borders of June 4, 1967.

We believe that the ongoing occupation which Israel has been imposing for 50 years in the West Bank and Gaza Strip territories harms the two nations' safety and security, and should be terminated immediately.

As ones familiar with the Israeli Government, its policy and positions, we know that the Israeli Government does not want peace and an end to the occupation, and wishes for "negotiation with no prior conditions" as a means of misleading the international community and preserving the status quo for as long as possible.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's declarations regarding his support for the two nations solution have never been brought up for approval by the General Assembly of the government, and the majority of government ministers openly oppose it; Netanyahu himself declared, on the eve of elections, that it is not his true opinion.

Therefore, there is no option other than a United Nations resolution making a Palestinian State a fact. This resolution is not an alternative to negotiation between the governments of Israel and Palestine, but it is the only thing that could make this negotiation significant and guarantee that it fulfills its purpose.

We believe that a continuing occupation stands for continuing distress and bloodshed, mostly for the Palestinians but also for Israelis. We urge you to accept this resolution as soon as possible.