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We will not remain quiet as the bombs are falling!

Stop the Killing, End the Occupation!

We will not remain quiet as the bombs are falling! Wednesday July 9th at 18:00

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Habima Square, Tel Aviv

In the past month, Israel raided several thousand homes, and arrested over 600 Palestinians, including women and children.

Also in the last few weeks, everyday forms of racism and violence, by the state and its officials, have escalated exponentially.

Thousands of hate-filled Israeli citizens poured into the streets, seeking revenge, destruction and violence.

Ongoing occupation, daily oppression, house demolitions, destruction of lives.

The Israeli government is relentless - demolishing in Hebron, expropriating lands in the Naqab / Negev, brutally suppressing popular protests, attacking Gaza.

Once again, Israel launched yet another irresponsible and unnecessary military 'operation,' at the expense of the residents of the south, who, together with Gazans, deserve to live in dignity, without constant and daily threats.

Bombardments and casualties lead nowhere, except for further bombings, rockets and blood. Stop militarism, end the occupation!

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Coalition of Women for Peace