Press Releases 

Thursday June 5 - protest tent erected near the Fence at Kafin Village

Inhabitants of Kafin Village will tomorrow (Thur.) erect a protest tent near the fence separating them from their land; members of Gush Shalom and other peace groups will take part in the ceremony of launching the protest camp

Inhabitants of Kafin Village will tomorrow (Thur. June 5) mark the anniversary of the occupation and establish a protest tent near the fence separating them from their land, and they prepare for a prolonged stay there. They demand that the Agricultural Gate in the Fence be opened every day, for needed agricultural work, rather than only twice a week.

Activists of Gush Shalom, Anarchists Against Fences, Combatants for Peace and other peace and anti-occupation groups intend to arrive at the village and take part with its inhabitants in initiating the tent and protest camp.

The Fence was erected in this area already several years ago, depriving the villagers of much of their land and livelihood. This despite the facts that the villagers' strong protests were also joined by the members of Kibbutz Metzer, located on the other side, who have good contacts of many years' standing with the people of Kafin. Since then, the Kafin villagers are allowed only twice a week to cross the gate and get to their lands, which is not enough to carry on the necessary agricultural work. A few days ago they could only watch helplessly as a fire broke out and many of their olive trees were destroyed (and this is not the first fire of that kind!)

To join the action, call Ilan of the Anarchists Against Walls 03-6482749.