Press Releases 

“Until their own mothers won’t recognise them”

The settlers who intend to re-establish next week the evacuated “Homesh” settlement in the northern West Bank threaten to beat up any soldier who stands in their way “until his own mother would not recognise him”. The bald threat was made by one of the Homesh re-building organisers on the pages of the settler paper B’sheva on March 15, 2007. The brochure, containing details of the planned settlement project was distributed in more than a hundred thousand copies throughout the settlements as well as at concentrations of settler sympathisers within the Green Line.

Gush Shalom (The Israeli Peace Bloc) says that the rampaging and brazen threats of the settlers, which follow upon their seizing a Palestinian house in Hebron this week, is the result of their feeling that a bankrupt government whose ministers spend time in police interrogation rooms is unable to block them. “This government should go – immediately. It should be replaced by a government able and willing to promote peace and an end to the occupation and settlements.”