Under the Occupation 


[TULKAREM] Israeli soldiers executed three men in Tulkarem center today in a disgusting and brutal fashion.

Rebecca Murray (UK) reports that no medical teams have been allowed to function but that after the military stopped strafing the city with apache helicopters residents where finally able to retrieve the bodies of Ziad D’ias (28), Hamad Saidz (18), Maher Jeshmawi (17).

Murray went to the hospital and can confirm that the men were tied up and drug along the street to the point where they had no skin in some places. The men were shot in the head at point blank range resulting in large amounts of their heads being blown off. It is unclear if they were killed prior to the torture.

This is another example of Israel’s illegal execution policy. It is unlawful to execute an accused person without giving him a fair trial first. Two bodies of law apply—humanitarian law, which applies in an armed conflict, and human rights law, which applies even where the laws of war do not.

For more information in Tulkarem contact:

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