Resignation letter to the Labor Party / by Uri Ponger

To the Labor Party, Party Headquarters, Beit Berl

I would like to announce my resignation from membership in the Labor Party, effective immediately.

The thought of taking such a step has been running through my head since the party accepted the role of "fig leaf" in the most right-wing nationalist government which this country had ever known, led by the most sinister politician ever to hold power here.

The hunt conducted off the coast of Gaza reminds me of the British Navy ships hunting "illegal" immigrant boats off the coast of this country in the forties, and the victims on board the Gaza boats remind of those on board such immigrant boats as "Exodus" and "Patria". .

I can not tolerate the thought that "my representative" in the government - Defense Minister Ehud Barak – is the one who conducted this inhuman operation of folly. Therefore, I hereby declare that from now on, neither he nor the party he heads can in any way represent me.

Please note the above in your records, and do not again approach me on any issue whatsoever.

Uri Ponger, Jerusalem