Crazy Country

Adam Keller, blog

NB: 'To show that we care' now also in German

Occupiers democracy

Walking between the drops while it’s raining death in Gaza

...thanks to Rudi for translating it into German

Blue and White tiredness / Adam Keller

Sharon and me Adam Keller looks back

Uri Avnery's speech at receiving Israeli journalists' Lifetime Achievement Prize

Adam Keller, Light unto the Nations - anno 2013

Ultimately, Israeli leftism is based on one’s view of the occupation Uri Avnery, Haaretz

Happy birthday Uri Avnery ~ Michel (Mikado) Warschawski, Alternative Information Center

Occupation? What occupation? Uri Avnery, Haaretz

Crazy Country / the blog of Adam Keller

A country at war rarely spares a thought for the children of the enemy

Empty-handed in the battlefield

Tragedy and farce, and tragedy again

Non-occupation and water tanks

Living the occupation, 45 years: Would Israel put an end to the occupation, before the occupation puts an end to Israel?

"Relative quiet, a few casualties", AK

About Antisemites and Kindergartens

Chapters in a Tragicomedy

Tug-of-war over Israeli democracy by Uri Yaacobi Keller

The two-state solution: where next? by Tony Klug

"There are judges in Jerusalem!" - Adam Keller

We, the Traitors - Uri Avnery in Haaretz

The end of the Oslo years by Adam Keller

Bankruptcy of the bypass diplomacy

Who needs a ceasefire anyway?

Pyrrhus in Piraeus

Israel 2011 - it depends what you are boycotting

Why is this year different from all years and this vote from all other votes?

Obama, Netanyahu and the 1967 borders

On photos and narratives, AK

Libya - reservations and relief, Beate Zilversmidt

The square was full, by Adam Keller

A week without Racism

Vanunu: "Why can't they deport me, instead?"

The clock is ticking

Peace Summit in Hebron

Is Israel singled out - and why?

Death in the Fire Zone

The end of Sicarii Zionism by Dov Yirmiya (reflections of a 96-year old warrior)

Resignation letter to the Labor Party / by Uri Ponger

The holy warrior

Vanunu returns to prison

Another Acre and Another Goat - by Amos Gvirtz

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Jerusalem logic

Reflections on real estate

A country full of flags

The unspoken speech

Sparta 2010

The general and the anarchist

The assassination of ministers

More about Nuri el-Okbi

The obsessive tresspasser

Tombs and heritage

The turtle and the hare

Memories from Jenin

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Are Israeli policies entrenching antisemitism worldwide? by Tony Klug


Imagine people of Israel … by Zeki Ergas

I decided to visit the village Dorit Jordan Dotan's photos

The unbearable nonviolence - Bil'in overview by Adam Keller

Two out of many reactions to Avnery's 'Tutu's prayer':

{1} Abraham Simhony's Letter to Uri {2} Ran Greenstein's comments

Netanyahu's Swedish theatre, Adam Keller

Between Boston & Be’ersheva, Adam Keller on the settlement freeze skirmish

FOOL THAT I AM, Amos Gvirtz on Bedouins, Kahanists and government agents

'Ana Atlab el Haq' - on what is going on in the Sheikh Jarrah Jerusalem neighborhood by Marcey Gayer

"Visions of the Endgame" by Tony Klug

From pride to shame - and back, maybe? by Zeki Ergas

New Profile, update on investigation

Netanyahu Chooses Warehousing by Jeff Halper

THE GLOVES COME OFF by Adam Keller and Beate Zilversmidt

Revisiting The Age Of Innocence, by Zeki Ergas

"CLOSED ZONE" - the Gaza animation film

Did war make any difference? Haggai Matar, Ynet

Barack Obama and the untying of the Gordian Knot, by dr. Zeki Ergas

Gideon Levy in Haaretz - Late Burial

Who deserves our votes - and who doesn't? Adam Keller - comment on Avnery's 07/02/09 article

"Obama, take away the pain in my stomach" Audio-visual letter from an activist

Tony Klug on the peace strategy that wasn't

Avi Shlaim: How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe

Palestinian Medical Relief Society & Physicians for Human Rights-Israel jointly call for immediate international intervention.

Industries leaving settlements Haaretz Dec. 16, by Adam Keller

COLLISION COURSE, The Other Israel lead article

Elections will be Israelis' answer to the Arab Leage, Akiva Orr, Matzpen

Israel's web of unlawful practices, UN press release

Adam Keller: Youths looking for hope

Free Gaza boat made it to Gaza again

The (in)tolerance museum campaign

Citizens in a State-Solution Now, by Beate Zilversmidt

Tony Klug: Two states for two peoples: solution or illusion?

Gershom Gorenberg in Haaretz: The collapse began today

Don't say we did not know by Amos Gvirtz

Adam Keller, However long it takes

Occupation Magazine - daily headlines + action updates

The depiction of Bedouins as 'nomads' a myth

Tony Klug: The enemy: eliminate it. Then - hey presto - there will be peace

Adam Keller: The Banality of Opportunism