Protest calendar 1st week of June

A week full of action all over the country - to confront Israelis from within that 40 YEARS IS ENOUGH - culminating in demonstrations in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv on June 9 - look here in the coming days for updates.

June 1 from 10:00 am at the Port of Tel Aviv - "Until She Opens her Eyes", an event organized by the Human Rights groups, including presentations, testimonies, artistic performances, theatrical performances, a panel discussion by writers, exhibition of photos. Ronit Piso 054-4750614, Maskit Mendel 054-7700477.

June 2 - an Israeli-Palestinian car convoy, organized by the Geneva Initiative, leaving the Redding Parking Lot in north Tel-Aviv at 10:30 am. In Jerusalem, the Israeli and the Palestinian convoys will join up and together round the Old City and wind up at The Mount of Olives, where a joint rally will take place with Knesset Members, Members of the Palestinian Legislative Council and artists. Contact 03-6938728 or click here.

June 2 to 8 - Every evening at 21:00 a panel discussion on Forty Years of Occupation will be broadcast on the "Mikan" Channel - Channel 98 on Satellite TV ("Yes") and Cable TV ("Hot"). All the panel discussions can also be viewed on

June 3 - At 17:00 opening of "Occupation of Concrete and Mortar", exhibition of photos taken by the Machsom Watch women, at the lobby of the Tzavta Club in Tel Aviv (corner of Ibn Gvirol and Saul Hamelech). The exhibition will run until June 12.

June 3, Dr. Hillel Cohen discusses (in Hebrew) his new book, on the rise and fall of Arab Jerusalem, 1967-2007 - 20:15, Bat Shalom, 14 King George St. Jerusalem.

June 3, The Hebrew-Arab Theatre at Jaffa features the play "Winter in Kalandia", whose plot takes place at the Kalandia Checkpoint north of Jerusalem.

June 4 - Symposium at Van-Leer Jerusalem - A Global Perspective on the Israeli Occupation, from 17:00-20:30

June 4 - The Jerusalem Initiative: conference of Israelis, Palestinians and internationals at the Notre-Dam Centre, on the "seam line" between East and West Jerusalem, starting 18.00. Discussion in Hebrew, Arabic and English, with simultaneosu transaltion. Bus from El-Al terminal Tel-Aviv at 16:30.

On the morning of June 5, the Peace Now Movement will hold a demonstration in Hebron, with the call "Enough of the settlements – we want two states for two peoples!" Transportation - Jerusalem: 09:30 – Gan Hapamon - Noa: 054 2151128 Tel Aviv: 09:00 – Alozorov Train St. EL AL Early Check-In - Dolev: 054 4405157 Be'er Sheva: 09:30 – Mercaz Morim, Reger corner or Mazada - Noah: 054 8080498 General contact: Yariv Oppenheimer 0544-200060

June 5 "The Desert Generation" - An exhibition by Israeli and Palestinian painters at Beit HaAmanim (Artists' House), Jerusalem. David Tartakover, Sliman Mansur, Larry Avramson, David Reeb 0546-531469 03-6819653.

June 5 - Day of Protest by the Student Coalition at Tel-Aviv University, including an exhibition, placing of placards, artistic performances. Michal 054-487061

June 5 - "Critical Mass - bicycle and roller skates convoy through the streets of out Tel Aviv", painting the city with messages of Freedom and Equality. Meeting point at 16:00 on the Tel-Aviv Cinemateque Plaza.

June 5 - Testimonies from the Occupied Territories, a photo exhibition and presentation of documentary films at the the Tel-Aviv Cinemateque, organized by Machsom Watch, Bereaved Families' Forum, Fighters for Peace, PCATI, Yesh Din, IPCRI. A checkpoint, similar to those erected by the army in the Territories, will be erected on the plaza and all visitors will have to pass through it.

June 5 - A mass Israeli-Palestinian event on the football field of Anata, north-east of Jerusalem. Buses from Jerusalem at 16:30. Suliman Al Hatib 054-4315043. Detailed program at

June 5 - "The Last Forty Years", an exhibition under auspices of Yesh Din, will open at 20:00 in 69 Rotschield Boulevard. Lahav Halevy, Miki Kratsman, Gideon Levy, David Tartakover.

June 5 to 7 - International academic conference on "Forty after Sixty Seven" at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Tel-Aviv University. Minerva Center for Human Rights 02-5881156.

June 7 - "Act of State 1967-2007" - a historical photo exhibition on the Occupation. Opening at 19:00 at the gallery of Minshar Art School, 18 David Hachami St, Tel Aviv. 03-6887090. (Note: the hour 21:00 which appered here earlier, was a mistake.)

June 7 - Israeli-Palestinian demonstration near the Wall separating Bak'ah Al Sharkiya in the West Bank from Bak'ah Al Gharbiya in Israel. Suliman Al Hatib 054-4315043.

June 7 at 21:00 - "When the guns roared, were the muses silent?" - discussion of "Victory Albums" and anti-war satire in 1967, moderasted by Dan Almagor, at the Tzavta Club in Tel Aviv (corner of Ibn Gvirol and Saul Hamelech).

June 7 at 19:30 Gan HaHashmal (corner of Barzilay and Lvontin) Cinema Paradildo marks 40 years to the occupation with a Queer cultural evening and procession, political drag, and a shining non-violent protest procession.

June 8 - Protest vigils by Women in Black in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa at 13:00-14:00. In Jerusalem, throughout the preceding week a daily protest vigil will be held at the Paris Square. Contact 054-7515797.

June 8 - Within the Tel Aviv Gay Pride March (starting on the Rabin Square at 12:00), the theme of occupation and opression in the Occupied Territories will be taken up by HaTzava'im Shelanu ("Our Colours", contact Dror 050-7248688) and The Red-Pink Forum (contact Uri, 052-8330046).

June 8 to 9 - Festival of Peace and Music, Israeli and Palestinian artists and groups, films and more. At Tantur, on the border of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Gershon Baskin 052-2381715, Aviv Alhasid 052-3689612.

June 9 - Mass demonstration in Tel Aviv, marking 40 Years to the Occupation, March and Rally initiated by the Israeli Peace Movements and Parties. June 9 has been declared the International Day of Protest Against the Israeli Occupation. (Demonstrations to take place at dozens of cities around the world, for details click here.)

Note: the event planned for this day at the Old City Walls was cancelled in order to concentrate all forces for the Tel-Aviv demonstration.

June 10 at 19:00, The American Colony Hotel, East Jerusalem - discussion (in English) with Meron Benvenishty, former deputy mayor of Jerusalem (1971-1978) and long-standing Haaretz columnist and radical critic of Israeli government policies. (Contact: 02-6279731

June 11-13 – International NGO Conference in Tuscany, Italy, with hundreds of Palestinian, Israeli and Italian civil society representatives. Final address by Italian PM Romano Prodi. Peres Center for Peac and The Region of Tuscany.

June 11 - The Old City of Jerusalem: Opening event for a campaign to rebuild destroyed houses, by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. The event takes place on the fortieth anniversary of the destruction of the Old City's Mugrabi Quarter, with its 350 houses, and is dedicated to the memory of Haja Rasmiya Tabaki, crushed under the ruins of her destroyed home. Shai 050-6986964.

June 11 - 17:00 From 23 Rotshield Boulvard (between Allenby and Nahlat Binyamin) - Victory Parade Commerating Forty Years to The War of National Erection, with a Military March to the strains to the IDF Anthem and the Drag Queens' recreating the Battle of Ammunition Hill, culminating at Gan HaHashmal at 19:00 -

June 11 - The Situation in the Jordan Valley Under International Humanitarian Law - 10th AIDA IHL Forum, at Science Theatre (near main gate), Al Quds University, Abu-Dis from 10.00am – 12.00pm, for background

June 12 - Evening in memory of Shimon Tzabar, writer, satirist, poet who recently died in London - 7.30pm, Hagada Hasmalit, 70 Achad Ha'am St., Tel-Aviv. More information at

Batucada - mass drumming in the streets - Yoav 0545-280992

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