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Stop the army - Not the Aid 31/05/2010
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A government of pyromanics sets fire to the region - Monday 31/05/10 “Security cannot be built - On the corpses of protesters! - Tuesday 01/06/10

ASHDOD2.jpg Demo in Ashdod: Stop the Army - Not the Aid Part of the demo opposite the Defense Ministry
“Finish the occupation – Start to live!” The youngest protester: “The shoot peace activist too!” Hava Keller, “Mother of the Female Prisoners”: Gaza: Lift the Blockade!”
The national flag does not belong to the Right Uri Avnery interviewed by the army radio The drummer band marks the cadence
“Two States for Two Peoples” - the Gush Shalom emblem Borders abolished: a member of Peace Now carrying the Gush Shalom emblem