Join us in Bilin this Friday the 23rd

Join us in Bilin this Friday the 23rd

Two years of popular struggle in Bilin - large mobilization for Friday 23.2.07

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Bus from Tel Aviv: 9:30, Arlozorov Train Station; from Jerusalem: 9:30, Liberty Bell Park. Reserving seats see hereafter. N.B.: a photo exhibition of 2-yrs creative protest can be visited before the march from the village mosque.

  • 2000 confiscated dunams
  • Thousands of uprooted olive trees
  • Hundreds of new settlers
  • Over 100 demonstrations
  • Hundreds of injuries
  • One wall

The village of Bilin has long since become a symbol - the symbol of a persistent non violent struggle conducted for the last two years by Palestinians, Israelis and internationals, a struggle against the Wall which is cutting through the village, depriving its inhabitants of their land and their livelihood. This wall literally cages Palestinians and perpetuates hunger, despair and violence.

We have wholeheartedly supported this struggle from its first day. There are the dedicated young Anarchists who literally devote their lives to it, who week after week go to Bilin, to march at the side of the villagers whom the State of Israel is hurting so gravely and so unjustly. Not everybody can do that much – but this week we have gotten a special request to make an effort, to come one and all, to show as strong and as impressive a presence of Israeli citizens as possible, in face of the occupation army soldiers. Please, do your utmost to come! Resistance to the Wall is a demand for basic human liberty - It is time to realize that this is everybody's struggle.

Join us in Bilin on Friday the 23rd.

Transportation from Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. For details and for reserving a seat, leave your name and phone number at the Gush answering machine: 03-5221732

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